Is Working From Home A Good Idea?

You’ve been thinking about it for a while now; dropping that 9-5 job, getting out of the rat race, finally having some freedom.  Your spare bedroom is all set up, Ikea desk, some file folders, and your lap top all set to work.  You saunter in at around 9:30, after all, who’s your boss? You look through your Facebook, then the phone rings, it’s your best friend Sally, you chat and all of a sudden, it’s 11:00.  Quickly you get off the phone, make a cup of coffee, and decide that before you hunker down, you must put in a load of laundry.  Ahh the all too familiar work from home scenario.


I have enormous respect t for people that work from their homes.  It takes a great amount of discipline to focus on work, when every day feels like a Saturday.  When you go to an office, there are no distractions and you quickly set out to do your job.  At home, it’s a different story.  By the time you’ve made pots of coffee, cleaned up from breakfast, then lunch, its early afternoon before you really start to work.  Here comes the good part, you can work well into the night.  You can stay in your PJ’s if you want; you can get up in the middle of the night if inspired.  You are FREE.  Best of all, no office rent, and that empty spare bedroom is a tax write off!


Home based businesses are on the rise.  Several of my friends even have virtual assistants.  No need to hire full time staff.  You can use a service like, post the job requirement, find the freelancer, and pay Upwork who then pays the freelancer.  Voila, no commitments, no employee benefits, no layoffs if you’re slow, it’s a win, win situation. One friend, who makes jewelry, has 10 employees working for her that she rarely sees.  Their supplies are sent, the finished pieces are picked up, and that’s it.  Great for stay at home moms, people with agoraphobia, seniors etc.!  Is working from home for everyone?  No.  But it’s great that we can now have this option, without the stigma of only a few years ago.


Thanks to Julie at Applecreek Bookkeeping for inspiring me to write this story.