Green Acres is the place for me. Moving from city to the country.

Finding a house should be one of the most enjoyable journeys we experience as a family. But we should speak of the fears and trepidation first.  If you have children the specter of a move can be traumatic. They take their friends very seriously and may have traumatic thoughts like ‘I will never find anyone like Meagan again ‘! How can I change schools now?, and so on. It’s not just kids, anyone can suffer this fear, which actually has a name: tropophobia; fear of moving.  The thought of packing and knowing all of the things you have to do to get ready to move.  It can be a frightening time, but it shouldn’t take away from the thrill of seeking a new home and starting what is really a new life.  New friends, new home or at least remaking the home like new are exciting prospects. We all know that you and the kids will get over the change and embrace the new digs and all the area will have to offer, otherwise why would you have moved in the first place.

Now, we were considering the factors and some tips for finding the new dream home and area. What is it that is driving you to even consider a new home along with the packing and move and remodeling if only a coat of paint? When that is figured out, the things that will define your search and help you to target exactly what you are looking for will become clear.  Is it the schools? Is it the current size of your home?  Is it the neighborhood, or the overall services?  Maybe you are considering a move from city to country or country to city.  Here are some tips:

If you are moving to the country from the city because you are seeking some quiet and solitude from the revved up pace of the city, then there some serious issues you need to consider.  Anywhere you are living in the city provides all of the amenities directly to your home and it is something you have taken for granted, trust me.  When you begin to shop in a rural area, the first thing you will find is that most places you will look at have septic tanks, which rely on periodic care and service and must be treated with care so that they continue to operate at peak performance. Often you will come across properties that are heated electrically, not a great option with today’s prices, but if the price is right, then you can consider conversion to oil, gas or renewable energy systems.