About Me

Hi! I’m Jim Bradburn. Thanks for stopping by.  I’m a Real Estate consultant and have been involved in the purchase and selling  of hundreds of properties in the last 30 years.   Having a little something to say about this subject, I decided to start this blog.  One of the best real estate decisions I personally had ever made was back in the late 1980’s.  We were living in the suburbs of Toronto at the time, and had no intention of ever leaving our beautiful home.  In what seemed like overnight, there was a sudden rise in the property value of homes in our neighborhood due to location.  Our home literally doubled in value from $400K to$800K, now remember this is in the ’80’s.  I convinced my unwilling, 2nd time around pregnant wife that we had to make a move.  The smart part comes when I decided to rent instead of buy, just a gut feeling.  We rented for 2 years.  The housing market dropped like a stone!  Our old house was back to being worth $400K.  We managed to buy our million dollar dream country ranch a few months later for exactly $412K.  I used the rest of the money to invest in Real Estate.  What a ride!  Back to my Blog Here